Which small home appliances are repairable while living in Ottawa?

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What counts as small appliances?

Sometimes the little things make life big! This also applies to electronic devices. Vacuum cleaner, razor or camera, camcorder, microwave, hair dryer, curling iron, iron or electric car key. Without these small electrical devices, our lives would only be half as comfortable.

Is it worth repairing small appliances?

The costs of these electronic devices are often manageable. If a device is broken, consumers sometimes tend to buy a new one too carelessly. But if you imagine all the small electrical appliances in a household in a heap, there are quite a lot and it quickly becomes clear what the constant purchase of new devices means for the environment. It is therefore worth thinking about repairing even small electrical appliances. Especially since it is often only small defects that can be quickly remedied. Replacing a plug, repairing a loose contact and many other things are usually no problem for a real repair professional and are done in no time at all. Consumers are always surprised at what can be repaired and that it doesn’t cost that much.

Electrical devices of all kinds help us in everyday life!

Every day we are surrounded by small electrical devices – the document shredder at work, the iron at home or the electric blanket in winter. The hair dryer is also one of the most used small appliances in everyday life. We only realize how often we use these devices when they stop working. Are your looking for the appliance repair in Ottawa to repair household appliances, such as:


Nowadays mainly lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries are used. Each type of battery is suitable for different areas of application, with battery size and charging time playing a role. Despite the ever better and more efficient models, a defect is possible and sometimes a repair is simply necessary.

Electric grill: 

Repairs to electric grills are no problem for our makers, we quickly get the electric grill glowing again. No matter which manufacturer are they?

Beverage dispensers: 

Most beverage dispensers work with a pump or pressure mechanism, depending on the beverage. Beverage dispensers are very popular because they allow you to dispense even small amounts.

Grain mill: 

Homemade simply tastes best. With a good, functioning grain mill, you can have this taste experience at home and make good bread or other pasta freshly from grain you have ground yourself. So that you don’t have to do without home-ground flour, there are grain mills as kitchen appliances with which grain grains can be crushed and ground in small quantities.

Heating pads and blankets: Electric heating blankets are generally safe because in Ottawa they get what is known as a TÜV, which is identified by a seal of quality when you buy it. If a cable is defective, then you should no longer use this heating pad, but have it repaired by a specialist as soon as possible.

Children’s toys: 

Our technicians, who are represented throughout Ottawa, know their way around and repair electric toys in no time at all. The fascination exerted by electric toys has endured since their invention. Every child and many adults like to play with electrically powered vehicles or toys with light and sound effects.

Air conditioning unit: 

We recommend at least one service or maintenance of the air conditioning units per year. In this way you ensure that the devices work hygienically, reliably and efficiently during operation. Maintenance is also very important for hygienic reasons. This can often prevent expensive repairs.

Food processor: 

Electric food processors are an indispensable part of the kitchen these days, because they are true all-rounders and once you own one, you don’t want to be without them. To ensure that this does not happen, our service partners will quickly and reliably repair your kitchen appliance in the event of a defect.

Curling iron: 

If the curling iron no longer works, our technicians are the right people to contact for a repair of any manufacturers.


The upcoming trend is a service robot that can do various household chores independently, such as vacuum cleaning or lawn mowing. Today’s extensive selection of household robots is fascinating. The battery-powered devices decide independently where something needs to be done and where not.

Knitting machine: 

A distinction is made between flat knitting machines and circular knitting machines. No matter which knitting machine you own, in the end you have a wonderful self-knitted garment. The advantage of this is that you can choose the pattern and dimensions yourself and know where it comes from.

Tea machine: 

The principle of the tea machines is almost always the same; you fill water into the cooking container, in which the water is also heated. After setting the time for steeping the tea, the boiling water is pressed into the steeping container. In this container, the tea leaves are washed around in a sieve. When the time is up, a valve is opened and the tea is drained into a preheated pot.

Portable audio device: 

During sports, on the way to work or on a trip – portable audio devices accompany us through the day and delight us with music or audiobooks or at work as a Dictaphone. It used to be the Walkman, today we are accompanied by the MP3 player, which is now getting smaller and smaller and fits in every pocket.

Water dispenser: 

There are different types of water dispensers, the free-standing devices with a water tank, the water cooler, and then there are the fixed devices that have a direct water connection. Water dispensers are used in a variety of ways, they are mainly found in medical practices, hospitals, department stores, retirement homes and kindergartens.

Do you have a defective electrical device and are you looking for a repair shop?

So that you don’t have to do without your little helper https://www.appliancetechnician.ca in everyday life for a long time, a repair is the best solution in the event of a defect. Often it’s just a small mistake that can be fixed quickly and inexpensively by our experienced creators. This not only saves money, but also protects the environment. Repairs make a significant contribution to environmental and climate protection. With more repairs or repair orders, the trade is strengthened and jobs can be secured. We believe that repairs are worthwhile – for good reasons.