Explore the range of Alluring Wall Paintings from the house of Dekor Company

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What is better for revamping your dull walls than exuberant wall paintings? Well honestly, nothing. House decorative items like hand wall paintings give an irreplaceable appeal to your home like none other. Wall paintings express your emotions and story, giving your room a character of its own. When you trust the right brand for your interiors, your home becomes a magical abode. Experience style and charm in your home with Dekor Company’s alluring hand wall paintings. Dekor company brings you an exquisite range of house decorative items that bring an air of opulence and class to your interiors. It not only aces in intricately stunning designs but also hues that define the vibrant colours of living.

Through this blog, we brought you some of the best wall paintings by Dekor Company that are ready to bewitch your guests with their beauty. Keep going to find out!

The Galaxy 100% Hand Painted Wall Painting

If you are always intrigued by the intricacies and secrets of the galaxy, this is the perfect pick for your room. The abstract art inspired by the galaxy makes your interiors look like a magical experience altogether. The shades of black, green and blue are glammed up with hints of gold, with other house decorative items. You can buy canvas art online like this one to welcome home a refreshing breeze of art.

The Urban Art Stroke 100% Hand Painted Wall Painting

Give your walls a peppy oomph with hand wall paintings defining royalty in every stroke. This suave artwork made with exuberant shades of green, brown, pink and white speaks of style in every look. It is made with a supreme canvas with a strong, sturdy frame. You can hang this house decorative item on the wall behind your sofa. As soon as you hang this striking wall art in your living room, it becomes the focal point of your room. Buy paintings online in India like this one from Dekor Company and let them make your home a beautiful experience.

An English Evening Hand-painted Wall Art

Specially designed for classic interiors, bring home this vintage painting. This scenic beauty of winter mornings has a bewitching colour palette. The finely crafted withering tree, vintage cars and people alongside 80s architecture make you witness the beauty of ancient England. You have a room full of house decorative items that bring a retro vibe to it, then this is the right pick to complement your interiors.

Seven Running Horses 100% Hand Painted Wall Painting

If astrology leads you, this is the right choice for your home. Specially designed using astrological reasoning and power, this one is painting according to Vastu shastra. The seven horses painted are said to bring health, wealth and strength to the home. When you buy paintings online in India like this one, you not only add an artistic flair to the room but also a promise of a better life. It is made using a vibrant palette of blue, green, orange, red and grey, enhancing the style quotient of your walls.

Abstract Landscape Hand Painted Wall Painting

Your home deserves a touch of art with this abstract painting. When you bring home artistic masterpieces, every piece adds to its charm. When you buy Canvas Art Online like this one, you make it an eye candy of the room, grabbing everyone’s eyes. Made with ecstatic creativity and exuberance, it offers your guests a soothing look, rejuvenating the environment of the room. It has a vivid palette of green, blue and brown. Mounted on a wooden frame, it is enclosed within a gold floater to make it sturdy.

Seville Abstract Modern Art Framed Canvas Print

Another of our alluring abstract art, have a look at Seville Abstract Modern Art. The urbane and elegant design is highly detailed making this canvas art unique. It has rich hues of grey and blue popped with the glitz and glam of gold. You can hang this canvas art in your living room, bedroom or hallway, as the design has an element of versatility. For people who want to buy paintings online in India, this one is a fab pick as its fine strokes mark sophistication and grandeur in your home.

Aqua Contemporary Abstract Framed Canvas Print

Have a large wall and don’t know how to decorate? Have a glance at this one. This abstract artwork by Dekor Company is one of the house decorative items that will revamp your place as soon as you bring them in. The exuberant colours used in the artwork includes aqua, grey and white, dazzled with gold all over. The design has been intricately crafted taking inspiration from modern art to suit modern interiors. This set of three wall paintings will perfectly blend with the aesthetics of stylish homes.

One With Nature Framed Canvas Print

This is a set of three canvas prints with a bold black background. It has embossed leaves in copper which gives a surreal look. It is a regal piece that speaks fluently in opulence and style. Buy canvas art online like this one and hang it on the wall behind the sofa, making it the focal point of the room. It comes with a sturdy frame and colours bold and striking.

Shingora Abstract Modern Art Framed Canvas Print

Bring the rich and exquisite art of Shingora to your living room and let it speak for itself. Gracing your walls with the authenticity of certain artforms makes your room livelier than ever. This set of three canvas art suits best to modern aesthetics, giving them a distinctive artistic flair. If you’re someone who likes to narrate a story through art, this is the right pick for your room. It is a perfect amalgamation of creativity and charm.

The Floral Ladies Framed Canvas Print – Multicolour

Charismatic and creative – that’s how we’ll describe this piece. These three complementing floral ladies’ wall paintings are not ordinary. The beautiful painting shows the beauty of women’s minds and the intricacies of life using floral elements. This classic design brings a sense of oomph and depth to your room.

These were some of the handpicked paintings that you must give to your home this year. For more alluring designs and house decorative items, you can check out our website!