5 Tips You Need to Pay Attention in Singapore

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Singapore is indeed an ideal country to visit when looking to vacation abroad for the first time. Many people can speak Malay and have a lot of interesting tourist destinations making this country has become a favorite of many Indonesians for vacation. You can easily find hotels around Orchard like Shangri la Singapore

Well, if you want to visit Singapore for the first time, there are some important tips that will probably be very useful when you have a planned vacation to Singapore for the first time! Check out these tips before a vacation to Singapore.

Choose the Right Clothes

Singapore is also a tropical country like Indonesia. So, you do not need to bring a thick jacket when vacationing in Singapore. Just bring comfortable clothes, especially those made of sweat-absorbing materials, because Singapore’s average temperature throughout the year is 25-31 degrees Celsius with high humidity. 

Although there is no drastic seasonal difference in Singapore throughout the year, every November-January rainfall in Singapore increases on average. So, try to bring a thin plastic raincoat that you can slip into a bag or umbrella if you are on vacation to Singapore in those months!

Set Minimum of 4 Days to Enjoy Singapore

Who says 3 days of vacation is enough to explore Singapore to the fullest? Although the size of Singapore is not too big, because there are so many interesting things in this city, 3 days is definitely not enough to explore everything. 

If you are new to Singapore, you must visit iconic places that you usually see from photos of people who have vacationed in Singapore! Don’t forget also the photos in Merlion Park with the famous Merlion statue, visit the Esplanade which is always full of art activities, and of course shopping on Orchard Road. 

After exploring these mandatory places, you can try to explore other interesting things in Singapore. Visiting Singapore is not enough just once!

Visit the Other Side of Singapore

Besides, to explore tourist attractions in Singapore, you may also want to visit iconic Singaporean environments such as Bugis, Kampong Glam, and If you are interested in exploring further, you can also travel to joo chiat / katong super unique and Tiong Bahru which has a different vibe. By visiting these neighborhoods, you will get a different experience than a tourist-style vacation usually, by taking a closer look at the lives and cultures of Singaporeans. You can also shop for unique local products here!

Explore Singapore by MRT

Singapore is a fun country to explore even for those who are first abroad because it is very easy to go anywhere. Especially because the MRT is very easy to use and has a very extensive network in almost all corners of Singapore. 

To make it easier for you while in Singapore, it is advisable to order a card that can be sent directly to your home. So, when you leave for Singapore, you can bring this card and directly use it to take the MRT from Changi Airport!

Traveloka to Make Your Holiday in Singapore Easier

Besides being very useful to find the right holiday activities for you, Traveloka can also facilitate your vacation in Singapore. Because most Traveloka activities can be used just by showing an e-ticket or e-voucher only, you can use the Traveloka application to find an e-ticket or e-voucher and then show it to the officer. 

You can also take advantage of Traveloka promos to reduce your holiday expenses in Singapore! Moreover, there are more special promos for all hotels in  Singapore!

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