Manipulation of matter with nanotechnology for human welfare

Nowadays there are scientists are working on nanotechnology as they believe that this will affect maybe increase the chemical nature of the product by changing their size, Nanotechnology is all the way brought to make innovation in the previously present products and Attonuclei is research and development center for nanotechnology.

It is very interesting to work on the nanoparticles and give them a new identity. Nanotechnology is prevailing all over the world not only from nana particles of the drug, powders, and gels are made but research is being done in many fields.

There are many new inventions of nanotechnology, in the field of biomedical science there countless products based on nanotechnology.

  • As the pollution is increasing then the causative microbial agents are also increasing that would cause the number of communicable and non-communicable diseases so they should be detected and killed before their exposure Nanotechnology play its role in inventing biodefense system for helping the front line medical workers and saving many lives.
  • Attonuclei is the company that is playing its role in all these innovations they also innovate the new bacteria that can be detectable and is resistant to oxidative degradation.
  • They produce an amazing coating for the protection against bacteria and are photocatalytic and hydrophobic. 
  • They used different technological support electrostatic, thermodynamic, and conductive approaches to induce variation in the clothes and designed them for more strong protection against microorganisms.
  • Attonuclei innovates the security tags in the form of inks and points that can be applied to paper or walls for protection and they emit the light at a certain wavelength. Their theory about emitting the light of a certain wavelength is when they absorb the light of a certain wavelength the electron gets excited and shit to the outer orbital and falls back to the lower orbits, they emit the absorbed energy and this shows in the spectra.
  • Thus they work with particles at their molecular scale and induce unique properties to them, Nanoparticles are also termed artificial atoms they are very small in size about 10 Nanometers. They are mostly using this approach in the field of physics and pharmaceuticals, your mind will be blown by checking their innovations.
  • Nanoparticles are themselves very active and more energetic scientists then combine this little in ovation with different drugs and pesticides to enhance their physiological effect, moreover, they can be combined with polymers and graphene’s and paved the new way in the field of biotechnology.
  • They are working and experimenting in the field of nanotechnology for the welfare of mankind.

The most favorable environment:

  • They provide a favorable environment for working in the field of science the physical parameters of the environment can drastically affect the innovation, so they make sure about the safety and hygienic environment in their labs and all the SOPs should be followed.
  • Their committee includes the research and product theme leader, which Olay’s role in identifying the product needs to be designed or altered with Nanotechnology.
  • This amazing technology moves from bottom up approach.