Troubleshooting Firestick 7 Common

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Amazon Firestick is a fantastic device but it can sometimes have issues. To quickly restore your streaming content, take a look to our troubleshooting guide for your Firestick.

There are some things that you can do to get your TV Stick working again. We’ll show you how to quickly fix common issues so your Fire TV Stick works again.

Here is 7 Common Problems

Here are the top seven problems Firestick users face. Your most likely solution will vary depending on the issue. There is some overlap with some of these firestick not turning on issues.

If you are looking for a general solution to a problem with your Firestick’s Firestick, it is best to reset the device using the remote or in the settings. Also, you can restart your WiFi router. Many of the most common problems can be solved by this.

Blank Screen

Restarting your Firestick is the best option if the screen is blank. To access the settings screen without having to do this press and hold for approximately five seconds.

Doesn’t Respond

If that doesn’t work, check the batteries in your Alexa remote. The Bluetooth connection the Alexa uses requires a little more power than a regular remote.

Mirroring Problems

If you are facing Firestick Won’t Turn On, ensure that your Firestick is connected to the same WiFi network as the device you are trying to mirror. Amazon suggests that they be within 30 feet of one another. If the connection isn’t working, you can bring them closer to each other.

Buffering Issues

If things are loading slowly, the final solution is to position your Firestick as close to your router as possible and remove any obstructions between them.

App Crash

Also, it is recommended that you use the power adapter and cord included with your amazon Firestick. You can plug the Firestick into your phone charger, or to a USB port on your TV. However, this is not recommended.

A third-party power adapter may not provide enough power to the Firestick or could cause irregular power delivery. This could lead to apps freezing or crashing.

Device Not Connecting

If the Firestick doesn’t connect to the WiFi correctly after restarting both devices, go to the “Network” page in the Firestick settings and click the menu button (the one that has three horizontal lines). To forget your network, Sign back in to the network to reconnect.

If your Firestick is not able to see your WiFi, you can move the router and Firestick closer together, and remove anything between them, especially any metal.

Remote Not Responding

The battery life of the Amazon FireStick Remote is quite large. The remote battery may be low and your Firestick won’t respond. The battery can actually run out of power without the user being notified. The best solution is to choose a high-quality alkaline battery. You can also keep a spare one on hand.

The remote for Fire TV uses Bluetooth rather than an infrared connection like other standard remotes. The Bluetooth connection allows for Alexa voice control via Bluetooth.

The downside is that the remote may use more power than you might expect, and can therefore run out of batteries quicker than expected. If your Firestick remote is having problems, you should first try new batteries.

If that fails, you may need to restart the device by unplugging or factory reseting it.

Wi-Fi Connection Problems

Your Firestick device may be experiencing intermittent connectivity problems, such as a bad internet connection or power outage. You should ensure that your Wi-Fi password is different from that of Amazon Prime account. You can also check for interference between Wi-Fi signal, Amazon Firestick device and your password. This could be a physical problem.

Final Thoughts

We hope that your problem was addressed on this list. If not, you may still be interested in some of the solutions we have provided. A good reset can often fix most electronic problems. If all else fails, a factory reset can often fix any problems, but it will also wipe everything stored on the device.

Are you having problems with your Fire TV Sticks? Do you feel the Fire TV Stick is still working well for you? Or do you prefer a different streaming device? Were our solutions helpful? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.