Top queries to ask a child support lawyer before hiring him

Now that you’ve gone through a divorce and things have settled, the next thing that you need to worry about is a child custody case. While deciding on child support, it is crucial that you discuss your alternatives with a qualified and reputed lawyer. When you have a legal document in place, you can safeguard your child in the long run. It is vital to hire the best Sandy child support lawyer who knows what he is doing. 

Asking a lawyer the right questions will let you understand what you can predict from their proceedings. If you’re confused and unaware of the right questions to ask a child support lawyer, here are some that you may keep in mind. 

#1: Which laws are applicable to my case?

Every state has different guidelines and rules that should be met by the child custody case if it’s tried in court in front of the judge. Before your lawyer heads towards the court, he should notify you about the prevalent laws that are applicable to your case. They should also explain to you the meaning of each law and how it can benefit you in court. 

#2: Do mothers automatically obtain child custody?

While there are some states that award child custody to mothers right away, the father can still have rights to enforce. In case the father gives a strong legal case against the mother where he proves her incompetent as a parent, the father may receive entire custody of the child. Inform the lawyer if you think your ex-spouse doesn’t have the capability of taking care of the child. If you’re confused and unaware of the right questions to ask a child support lawyer, here are some that you may keep in mind.

#3: What factors will the court take into account?

When a judge rules a child custody case, he considers a number of factors. These factors are taken into account only because the judge wants to ensure that he decides whatever is best for the children involved in the child custody case. A few factors considered by him are:

  • The bond between the child and each parent
  • The changing developmental requirements of the child
  • The health condition of each parent
  • The emotional needs of the child
  • Whether or not there is a history of abuse
  • Whether each parent offers a stable environment for the child
  • The capability of each parent to take care of the child

#4: What is the visitation method going to be like?

In case you or your former spouse find it challenging to agree on most matters, you will most probably have to opt for mediation. You have to work on an arrangement that is best for both the children and parents. Any schedule that you decide on should be first approved by the court. The court should also be notified in case of any new changes. 

All the above-listed questions that you should ask a lawyer are critical for preparing for the custody proceedings. When you’re sure about what to expect, you won’t be taken by surprise. This will also help you with a better understanding of things in court.