5 Reason Why Companies Are Focusing On Making Affordable Laptops In The Indian Market

It is important to note that India’s Per Capita Income, as reported in the year 2021 was 7,220 PPP dollars. India ranks 144th out of 194 countries, and in comparison to America which sits much higher in the list, Indians’ position is staggeringly low.

Therefore opting to spend a huge chunk of money is a no-go for the majority of families in India. Even though a competent model such as Dell XPS 13 offers so much, the price tag makes it an afterthought amongst middle-class families.

Now, with the pandemic forcing nearly every sector to shut down and opt for the Work From the Home scenario, it is really important for manufacturers to shift their focus on importing chipsets and peripherals and instead start manufacturing their devices in India.

And in this article, we are going to look at five such reasons why Laptop manufacturing companies are shifting their focus toward making affordable laptops in the Indian market.

  • Reportedly, laptop companies manufacturing their products outside and importing those models inside India have to pay an import duty of 14.712%. In India the final MRP is written after counting in the extra duty incurred from the shipping price, along with other duties, therefore raising the entire import duty category to 30% and rising up to 35%.

    Therefore, any kind of laptop being imported from other countries will add this 30% price hike to its base price. Therefore to reduce this additional bump manufacturers are looking to set up plants for their in-house chipset in India.

    And as per articles released,  It stated that the Indian government announced an incentive scheme worth Rs. 76,000 crores for promoting chip manufacturing inside the country. The government is also looking to aid 50% of the total project cost for companies willing to set up semiconductor factories.

    This financial aid from the government has genuinely sparked interest amongst companies making them decide on the possible opportunity of starting in-house manufacturing. This massively affects laptop prices in the future, making laptops much more affordable 
  • Since we are living in a world that was struck by the major COVID-19 pandemic, most IT companies, schools, and colleges have shifted their focus to in-home learning or working tents. As this change has shifted the focus from traditional means of working or studying to a more digital-based.

    And behind this phenomenon usage of laptops has increased immensely, therefore numerous State Governments have announced loan schemes allowing students to purchase laptops on an easy-structured EMI basis.

    So, users can buy the best laptop under 40000 in India for a specified down payment and then EMI according to their financial capabilities.
  • Another major reason why companies are shifting their focus towards manufacturing laptop prices on a budget scale is its sheer scale factor since most of India’s population is boarding around middle-class families, as even a student laptop under 40000 valuation ensures a large audience to market and potentially convert into buyers. On a sheer number scale, it sums up to around 31% of the entire population of 139.34 crores (data taken from 2021 stats.)
  • With companies focusing on the “Made In India” tag, there will be tons of opportunity opening in employment as well as in the IT sector inside the country. Reportedly growth is expected to spike to around 12-14% just in the manufacturing sector with around 100 million jobs to be created just in the manufacturing department.

    Therefore alongside manufacturing laptops priced in the fairly mid-budget range, it will also majorly aid the development of the country.
  • With mid-range laptops making a steady increase in sales, there are tons of peripherals that the user tends to pick up that will help ease their life and maybe even enhance the experience. For example, most laptops under 40000 do not have a dedicated GPU, but the user can connect an external GPU using a thunderbolt 3 cable.

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    Other peripherals include having an extra mouse or keyboard. For animators opting to buy a Wacom Cintiq and plug it with their laptop priced in the mid-range instead of having to invest on an Ipad. lastly, if the user opts to have a multiple monitor setup, any laptop under 40000 has multiple ports making it super easy to add monitors.

Now that we have an answer to why companies are focusing on making laptops that are affordable, we would suggest some laptops under 40000, which you can opt to buy whether you are a student or business personnel.

Dell Inspiron 15 3511

Lenovo Ideapad 3

Asus VivoBook 15

Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i

Xiaomi RedmiBook 15

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