Tips To Take Care Of Your Ballistic Vest

Once you buy a ballistic vest, you would not want to spend again on it within a year. The ballistic vest is meant to protect you, and you are supposed to wear it whenever you go out. If you are a security person, then you would know how important it is to make sure that your ballistic vest remains with you for long as this is your asset and a medium of your protection. You need to ensure that your vest is properly kept and maintained so that it can be in shape to protect you in all grim situations. 

You can follow the below-given tips that will help you to take care of your ballistic vest:

Read the instructions:

Every ballistic vest comes with instructions that you will have to follow to take care of the vest. The companies that make the vests will give you proper instructions on how to wash, dry, and store the vest so that it does not get damaged due to mishandling. Most people do not read the instruction that comes with the vest; that is why we mishandle it, which leads to its damage. But remember, if you read them, most of your questions will be answered. Body armors and vests are not common garments, and the makers know it; that is why they ensure the maintenance instructions. 

Make sure your armor is dry:

The body vests should not be cleaned in machines. They are not machine washable because of the material used. If you keep your ballistic vest in your laundry to wash it, the material will be ruined, leading to damage to the vest. The special material used in the vest will resist bullets but cannot withstand water. So, make sure that you opt for methods that do not involve soaking your vest wet in the water. You can use a damp cloth to clean the armor, which will not damage it because only a little amount of water is being used, or you can also use the brush to remove the dirt particles. Make sure that you dry brush the ballistic vest regularly. The moment you have completed the cleaning of the vest, you need to hang it out to air dry. 

Increase the comfort:

As stated above, ballistic vests are not common garments that can be worn on a regular basis. Your body will have to adjust while wearing it. But you do not want to take the risk of feeling uncomfortable while you are attending an event. To ensure the comfort zone of your ballistic vest, make sure that you roll it to make it flexible so that your body can easily get used to it. If you want to feel comfortable in your armor, wear it once or twice at home before you wear it outside. 


Make sure that you keep the paperwork of the armor at a place so that if the vest requires service, you will have the warranty card, and the people who sold you the vest can get the vest serviced if you are facing any problem with your body armor.