5 tips to help you choose the best shoes for any day

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Looking good is everyone’s desire. Humans spend time, money and make effort to look elegant from others in special events or in daily life too. However, there are some rules of dressing that must be followed that are different for men and women and for different occasions. One simple rule is to match the outfit with perfect accessories. Footwear is also one of the most important wearables in your clothing that can multiply your looks. So, here we have decided to help ladies choose the best shoes for any special occasion or even for daily life dressing. So, let’s start rolling with our first rule.


The first and foremost important consideration for any lady to make before buying any shoe is figuring out its size. The rule of thumb here to follow should be to buy a shoe size that fits your larger feet. As much as around 80% of people living in this world have left foot larger than the right one. So, you must check the size of the shoe on your left foot to stay away from issues in the future. A good way to test the shoe size is to wear a complete pair and walk a few steps. This will give you a complete idea about the size and comfort in walking with those shoes.

Heel size should not exceed 9.5cm:

Ladies heels shoes are pretty common and trendy types. These are super elegant and can almost be paired with any type of western or traditional dress. However, there is also complication walking in such shoes with high heels. Therefore, choosing one that’s reliable as well as stylish is very important. When buying high heels make sure you buy only the length that you are comfortable walking with. Put some pressure on the middle part of the shoe and see if it slides, the one that slides should not be your choice.

Selecting the right Brand:

Choosing the right brand for your shoes is the most important. While choosing the shoe brand, you must take several things into consideration like quality of the material used in manufacturing process, durability and designs. Selecting the Stylo shoes is the best for women who want to be prominent during functions.

Do not compromise on comfort:

Although the style is the utmost requirement when getting dressed for an event or an occasion, however, what’s the point in buying things that will make you uncomfortable on a special day? With comfort comes the confidence and you can better take part in the event. Therefore, make comfort the most important requirement in shoes before making the purchase.

Match with wardrobe, not just the dress:

Although buying any product for just one time is not a good idea, however, if the event is really important then making sure, you match footwear according to the dress type and color. However, great fashion advice would be to take into consideration the whole of your wardrobe collection and figure out what’s going to be the best selection with most of the dresses. Try to make rules of dresses and broaden your style by pairing dresses and shoes of each type.

 Buy what you like:

Shoes are an important part of your dress and these can make or break your whole fashion attire. Therefore, you need to take special care of everything while buying for a special occasion. Many ladies make the mistake of buying from sales, even when the product is not a good choice. What is the point in buying a cheap article if it’s not going to match with any of your dresses or you are going to regret buying it in the future? Therefore, it is important to buy only what you like and do not go after sales.

If you are an online shopping nerd:

E-commerce has changed how we shop. If you like to shop online we have an extra tip for you to make your shopping journey with online stores happy. Ladies shoes online shopping is a good way but make sure you know and are provided with every information about the article. Make sure you know the exact measurement of your shoes. Measure it with the information given by the marketplace.

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A pro tip while shopping ladies shoes online:

Always compare prices on multiple sites. Many times you will find the same product with a better price, but make sure to check the reviews.