Is Windows Reseller Hosting still Profitable for Home Business?

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Businesses are taking the assistance of hosting services to lighten the load of managing servers and data management. They do so to invest their time, efforts, and money in the other areas of their business rather than handling the servers and data all day that can be maintained and secured by outsourcing them at affordable rates. Since there are many website owners looking for web hosting services, the hosting providers are not only rendering the space and resources but also the Windows reseller hosting that allows you to transfer hosting facilities to your end customers. The Windows reseller hosting plan connects more people to have the hosting services as well as enables the users to begin their own web hosting business from home.

Here, we will take our discussion from understanding precisely about web hosting business to how you can start your hosting business from home through Windows Reseller hosting service to generate revenue for yourself. Further, you will also get insights into how Windows OS can benefit your hosting business than having other OS.

About Web Hosting Business

Web hosting business is a practice where a hosting provider renders space on a web server for letting customers store their website’s data and files. It enables the website to get available on the Internet for the users to view it online. Every website you visit over the web is hosted on some server. The space and accessibility on the server for your website depend highly upon the type of hosting and the hosting plan you pick from a web hosting provider. The most prominent and common kinds of hosting services are shared server, dedicated server, VPS, and reseller hosting services. The difference between them lies in the type of technology utilized in the server, management level, and supplementary services offered. Most widely, you will encounter Windows OS operating on the server. Windows provides the graphical user interface and other easily managed options to let the end-user run the system with ease and efficiency.

In the following section, let us find out how you can begin your profitable Windows web hosting home business.

How can you start a Web Hosting Business with a Cheap Windows Reseller Business?

You can discover various hosting providers that offer diverse Windows hosting reseller packages. You can purchase one of them and initiate your web hosting business at home. The windows reseller hosting plan permits you to directly sell the hosting services under your brand or company name. Moreover, you can also customize the hosting plans accordingly and then resell them to your end customers.

You must look for cheap reseller hosting india so that you can grab the services at more reasonable rates from the provider and resell it further to your customers at affordable rates as a web hosting provider. If you do not discover the cheap windows reseller hosting, you will have to resell the hosting services at a little higher rate than other hosting providers to gain profit. However, it may push your customers towards the other hosting providers that offer the same services at a reasonable price. Thus, you will help if you can find the windows reseller hosting services at cheaper rates to propose the services at lower rates to attract more end customers towards your web hosting business.

Here are the steps you can follow to begin your profitable web hosting business with a cheap Windows reseller business –

Step 1: Build a website for your Web Hosting Business

If you have not created a website yet, you must build one for your web hosting business. There are various free tools available that can help you to create a website easily. Furthermore, many hosting provider services also provide support and guidance to build a website for your web hosting business.

Step 2: Choose a Reseller Hosting Plan on Wisesolution

Once you own a website for your web hosting business, the next step is to pick the right Windows reseller hosting plan. You can take a general Windows hosting reseller plan in the beginning and then can upgrade the plan in the future according to the growth of your web hosting business. Once you opt for a certain reseller Windows hosting plan, you will have to provide the domain name. In case you have not got your website a domain name. You can use a domain name generator to find a domain that fits perfectly for your business.

Step 3: Change the DNS

You may have to follow this step under some Windows reseller hosting providers that demand to register the domain name with their company if you have registered the domain name with another domain name registrar. The process of changing DNS can take around 24 to 48 hours before your website starts operating.

Step 4: Design web hosting packages

Now you can create or design your own web hosting packages and plan according to your customer’s demands and business level. You can set the pricing of the plans and packages accordingly, which are affordable to your end customers. It is advised to design at least three distinct packages at the beginning of your web hosting business. Moreover, do not forget to assign specific resources such as disk space, monthly bandwidth, max email accounts, etc., to each package.

Step 5: Upload your website

In this last step, you can upload your web hosting business website to your reseller hosting account while utilizing an FTP client or cPanel. You can then customize the web hosting interface before providing the account credentials to your customers, such as the Windows reseller hosting provider’s logo, making the required changes to white label your web hosting company, etc. 

Why is Unlimited Windows Reseller Hosting the Perfect choice for you?

The unlimited Windows reseller hosting can be the perfect choice for you to profit from starting a web hosting business as it can ensure a highly optimized platform with white-labeled and most effective quality services. It also makes your website receive a large volume of traffic and allows you to develop your business smoothly.


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