How to Hide Games on Steam?

There are so many games, which users can instantly access. Steam has about 30,000 games, where gamers can enjoy everything from indie to AAA.

There are exclusive deals available, along with automatic game updates and other unique perks.

Therefore, the new games in the market may cost too much, so Steam has special offers for its users.

They offer weekend deals and even 40% discounts on some games. There are seven categories of games available on Steam:

  • Top sellers
  • Recently updated
  • New releases
  • Upcoming
  • Specials
  • Virtual reality
  • Steam controller friendly

Steam Community:

There is a Steam community, which allows users to interact with each other.

There are different hubs dedicated to a game and created by users, and you can tel how to hide steam activity from friends.

  • This community is essential for gamers because it allows them to see what game other players have tried and what they think about those games.
  • They can see the screenshots of different games, videos, workshops, news, guides, and competition reviews.
  • It will help them decide which game is worth their time.

Make your Own Game:

Steam contains a set of tools and services, which help developers and publishers develop their games. Thus, they can make a game using Steam Works and then publish their games on Steam.

  • Here, it provides a guide for new game developers to reach a global audience or manage their game business.
  • Thus, it includes tips for enhancing player experience and implementing gameplay features.
  • Therefore, there are standard features in every game, and Steam Work helps developers add those features to their own game. They allowed you to hide games on Steam.

Hiding Games on Steam:

When a user creates a profile on Steam and starts playing games, the game list appears on their Profile. The list even shows the amount of time they have spent playing a specific game.

Therefore, the profiles are public by default because there are third-party services that need to read information.

Here, IsThereAnyDeal is third-party software, which scans the wish list of a gamer, and lets them know if their games are on sale at the game store.

  • Here, access your Profile on Steam by hovering over your username at the top bar.
  • Now, you have to click on Profile.
  • Click the ‘Edit Profile’ button, which is on the right side of the page.
  • It will help edit the Profile.
  • Here, you must click on ‘My Privacy Settings,’ and you can also find this option on the right side of their page.
  • Adjust the privacy settings, as this allows you to control what other people can see and cannot see.

Therefore, then there are two options you can choose from them if you want to hide gameplay. Choose the game details, and then set them to private.

Here, even those friends won’t be able to see the games you own or the ones that are on your wish list if you have any friends on Steam.

  • You can limit the inventory, commends, and other information that people can see, through these privacy settings.
  • However, if you don’t want to choose, you can also hide every piece of information by selecting the Private option in ‘My Profile’ settings.
  • If you do this, then no one on Steam can see your Profile. Moreover, you can also choose the ‘Friends Only’ option if you want your Steam friends to visit your Profile.

Steam Chat:

When you start playing a game, a notification appears on your friend’s Profile, telling him the game you are playing. And unhide the game on Steam.

  • Here, you can choose to become offline on Steam Chat if you don’t want that to happen.
  • You may click the Friend and Chat option, click on your username, and then select the invisible or offline option.
  • When you start playing a game, your friend won’t see what you are playing, but that information may still appear on your profile page.


We hope the information given above details several steps, which will be helpful for users to Hide Steam from game activity. Thus, you can Hide your game Steam activity without displaying it with your friends and followers.