Interesting Things about Wealth and Fortune Horoscope?

It is financial stability and growth that defines a modern-day individual more than any other. Wealth and fortune horoscope covers a significant aspect of life. It gives a peek into the monetary prospects and opportunities for financial growth in life. It also provides significant information about hidden fortune and possible crises. As per Vedic astrology, the wealth and fortune of a person are decided by the impact of houses and planets, alongside that of nakshatras and yogas.

Among the houses in the chart, finance-wise the most important house is the 2nd house. This house determines the personal assets of the person. The effect of this house is compounded by the planets transiting through the house. Also, the ruler of this house and its sign have an impact on the 2nd house. The sign on the cusp of the second house is another feature to be noted. In the wealth and fortune horoscope, the 8th house is the next most important house. It determines the wealth gain through inheritance or marriage. The planets transiting through the house, the ruler of the house, its sign and sign on the cusp compounds the effect of the 8th house. The 11th house determines the personal assets of the person accumulated through business and profession. The effect of this house is compounded by planets same as it is for the 2nd and 8th houses. The 6th house determines the wealth that may be obtained as a loan. The 12th house determines the savings or the nature of spending of the individual. 

Among the planets, Venus plays a vital role in the wealth and fortune horoscope. Venus is the natural ruler of the second house. A benign Venus has benign effects on the horoscope. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. A strong Jupiter expands the monetary prospects of the person. The ruler of the ascendant or lagna is another important planet. The ascendant and by extension its ruler influence every aspect of life, including the wealth and fortune aspects. Whichever house your lagna lord is placed in shows those things which support you in the journey of your life. So it has a big connection with wealth. The condition of Saturn and Mars determines the drive and ambition of the person. They are not directly linked to the monetary prospects but are contributing factors to accumulating wealth. In addition to this, the planets transiting through the houses mentioned prior also have to be factored in. 

In Vedic astrology, the Nakshatra or the birth star also affects the financial prospects of a person. The nakshatra in which Moon resides determines whether you are money minded. How you are mentally prepared to make money is revealed through the nakshatra analysis. Similarly, nakshatra placement of Jupiter and Venus is also important. Their analysis gives precision to the predictions regarding wealth and happiness. Then there are the Yogas which are the special combinations of planets in the horoscope. There are many hundreds of Yogas. Each horoscope may have its unique yogas which will enable the individual to gain or lose wealth in life. 

Wealth and fortune in Indian Vedic astrology cover the nature and value of the fixed assets and liquid assets that may be gained by a person in life. It provides predictions on the kind of profession suitable for the individual and the nature of income in life. It gives predictions about favourable times to make investments for maximum gains. It provides warning about financial challenges beforehand and suggests remedies. It reveals what the planets say about your wealth. It tells about the prosperity and hereditary factors of health based on planetary positions. It also recommends gemstones suited to the individual’s character. It suggests suitable gems to wear based on your current dasha which will bring you a fortune.  which actor took his name from a street that leads up to the gates of paramount studios?

Knowing the wealth and fortune horoscope beforehand helps you chalk out a strategy to maintain your living standard. It lets you know about your future wealth status and plan future investments. The premium report from top astrology-based companies like Clickastro is 6 pages long and gives predictions on finances, monetary assets, lucky gemstones etc. It also guides you with the right investment planning and shares insights about how planetary positions influence your wealth. It analyses the houses, especially the 2nd and 11th house in detail to give predictions about the financial status and other monetary assets like land, property, jewellery and so on.