Different Bracelet Designs to Elevate Your Style Quotient

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Bracelets have been a part of Indian culture since ancient times. Derived from a Greek word, which means “of the arms”, men and women wore bracelets in olden days made from shells, stones, even metal like copper.  Over the years the bracelets evolved and have become more decorative, and intricate. 

These days bracelets are an integral part of a woman’s jewelry collection, helping women around the globe to make a bold personal style statement. Check over here bracelet design styles that you can add to your collection so that you are occasion-ready at all times.

Bangle Style bracelets:

A bangle bracelet also called as a banglet is round in shape and is rigid which can hinge to clasp perfectly on your wrist with ease. Bangle bracelets studded with diamonds, and other gemstones are particularly desirable by women to make an elegant statement. Women love wearing these to work, for the sheer fact that they are not clunky, and don’t hang loosely around the wrist. If you want to give this bangle bracelet a cool twist, then pair it up with a couple of bangles, and here is the funky you ready for a casual outing. Brands like Melorra bring unique bracelet collections for modern women, visit here to be bowled over by the latest designs.  


Regular or Flexible Style:

These are your traditional bracelet model, that hangs loosely around the wrist of the woman. If you are someone who likes subtle, classic jewelry, then this should be a pick for you. Flexible style bracelets have a chain and a hook to secure it in place, giving women the choice of how tight or loose they would like their bracelet to hang. 


Charm Bracelet:

There is every reason to fall in love with charm bracelets. The tiny trinkets hanging from a delicate chain make it every bit charming. You can even customize these days the charms you would like to add to your bracelet giving it a personalized touch. Charm bracelets make an ideal choice when you are heading for a romantic dinner with your partner, the charms dangle flirtatiously to attract the attention of your partner. Avoid wearing charm bracelets to work, they can make a lot of noise while working on your keyboard.


Tennis Bracelet:

This model of bracelet witnesses the symmetrical arrangement of tiny diamonds in a linear fashion; that are held by a thin chain made of different metals like gold, silver, or even platinum. This style of bracelet screams every bit of sophistication and class. Tennis bracelets complement both Indian, as well as western outfits effortlessly. Modern jewelers are innovating tennis bracelet models by adding different colored diamonds, to create a rainbow beauty; or mixing and matching diamonds with other precious and semi-precious gemstones. 


Layering is the mantra for this year; so don’t shy away from layering different bracelets to keep up with the trend. Layer different colored metal bracelets, it is a great way to catch the attention of people around you. Remember there is no fixed rule to layering, so go ahead and experiment to your heart’s content.